Checklist for Buying Property in Dapoli, Apartments, Independent Houses, Bungalow Projects in Maharashtra 

Nobody likes to keep their family in a restricted house where everything is restricted by the house owners. They cannot design their room as per their requirements and keep on adjusting in a small area their entire life. When the feeling of getting over such restrictions come to mind, people start looking for various bungalow projects in Maharashtra, villas or independent house for sale, and other property types. But buying a property is a tedious task. It requires immense knowledge of realty terms and information about all the important documents and paperwork that needs to be done during the process. A fault in any document can cause a serious problem in the future. 

If you are looking for a property in Dapoli or any other area of Maharashtra, there are certain important things you must consider to avoid any fraud. 

  1. When you have less information about the terms used in real estate paperwork, it is good to hire a lawyer to make the procedure easier and hassle-free. There are various things like title deed, land use, OC (Occupational Certificate), municipal corporation approvals, etc. that need to be understood before buying the property and lawyers help in making it understandable to you.
  2. Many people are not able to estimate the total cost of the property and forget to include parking charges, stamp duties, registration charges, etc. All of these things must be included in the estimated cost of the property. 
  3. There are two terms – built-up area and carpet-area that will you always come across whenever you go to buy a property. You must understand the difference between them as the cost of the property varies according to it. The built-up area is the usable area of the house whereas the carpet area is the complete area of the property which is more than the carpet area. The cost of the apartments or houses is mostly estimated as per the carpet areas. Hence, it is important to check the built-up area as it is the one you going to use for living.
  4. The dealers mostly show the cost of the property excluding various other expenses like commuting charges, property tax, maintenance charges, etc. Before buying any property include all of these in your budget because the commuting charges mostly get increased when you buy property away from basic amenities, especially your office. 
  5. Whether you are going to live on that property with your family or rent it to other people there are several things which must be considered. Check for the nearest railway station, marketplace, playground for kids, school, hospital facilities, etc. which makes living easier. If your property is nearest to all these amenities, it becomes easier to rent the apartment at a good price. 
  6. Before finalizing the property, always check for other basic amenities like 24X7 water supply, electricity supply, security services, availability of domestic help, etc. Along with all this, having a good neighborhood is also important. Your family is going to live in that neighborhood and the children are going to grow with their children. Hence, it is important to buy a property that matches your living standard.