Details about Mattress Recycling

The recycling process of mattresses is not difficult. There are places like Recyc-Matelas which recycle mattresses that you have thrown away. This transition enables the production of another commodity. Mattresses are bulkiest and are hard to recycle. But some places are willingly howling your mattresses to recycle them. 

The materials in the mattresses, like spring, cotton, fiber, etc., are recyclable. But finding a place to recycle mattresses is not easy. When buying a new mattress, ask the company whether they haul the old one. And also, ask them if they are into recycling the mattress. If not, call your local recycling program and enquire about bulk disposal and whether they take away and recycle mattresses. You can also get rid of the mattress by reselling it or donating it. 

Reason for Recycling Mattresses

The materials in the mattress are non-biodegradable. That means they will stay in the environment for a long period. Throwing away mattresses in the landfill will occupy the area. The area will not serve any purpose in the future. 80% of materials in the mattress can be recycled and upcycled to make new commodities. 

Are mattresses available in thrift stores?

The answer to this question is subjective. Some stores do, and some don’t. But if your mattress is 12-15 years old, consider donating it.

Recycled materials in mattresses

Wood Frame, polyurethane foam, steel spring, and fiber make mattresses. These materials can be reused for making pillows out of cotton, and springs can be melted and reused, and so on. 


It is better if you decide to upcycle or give the mattress away to the recycling units. Try fixing your mattress if there is something wrong. Fixing is less expensive and simpler. If your mattress got way too dirty, call the mattress cleaners and let them do their job. A thread, cloth, and needle can use any small hole in the mattress. If any part of your mattress is drooping, it can also be fixed with the help of plywood. If you do not want to take such pressure, donate it; somebody’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Recycling is a wise option as it helps decrease your carbon footprint. Also, recycling can benefit the environment and the economy. To help the environment heal, recycling is one of the best options that you can consider.