Every house needs window covering to block light, sound and for maintaining privacy. Not only this, these window coverings add an aesthetic and appealing look to your home. Most individuals have this pre- conceive the notion that all window coverings made up of fabric are curtains as they fail to recognize the difference between curtains and drapes.

Before shopping or opting for the best window covering for your home it is necessary to keep in mind the difference between each window covering so that you can readily make choices according to your need.

Now the question is what’s the difference. Let’s discuss and find out the significant difference between each of these.


1- Drapes are fabric panels that always come in pairs. They come with linings due to which people pick them to block sunlight. They are heavier and more formally use than curtains in high-end restaurants and hotels. People also use drapes for giving an elegant look to their space.

2- The fabric or material used for drapes is stiffer, it includes velvet, silk, or damask

3- The features which make it more formal in look are its pleated heading and heavier fabric.

4- Drapes in combination with Valance pelmet complete its look.

5- Drapes are operated with a drawstring attached to one side of the window.

6- Drapes are longer than other window coverings.

7- Because of its thick fabric, drapes are used to keep the chilly air out of a room.

8- Due to the sheer fabric, drapes must be dry cleaned; however, depending on the fabric, drapes may also be steam cleaned.

9- Drapes are available in a wider range of solid colors than patterned fabrics.

10- Many people use drapes in the living room, dining room, and bedroom to give their house a pleasant look.

11- Drapes have an endorsing that provides structure when hung on a rod.


1- Curtains are made up of sheer fabric which is lighter in weight.

2- They are also sold in panels that come in pairs.

3- Sheer curtains are perfect when you need them to filter sunlight, sometimes to block light, and sometimes when you want them to penetrate.

4- Curtains in combination with valance are also used in the kitchen which is also known as café curtains.

5- They also offer a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and textures just like drapes.

6- Curtains are ideal for maintaining privacy and can be moved just by a slight shift.

7- Curtains are a piece of décor for modern houses and settings, they are more casual than drapes.

8- Curtains are hung on roads, the other options for hanging include metal grommets, metal, or fabric rings. on the back or the top of the curtain’s panel fabric sleeves are also used.

To summarize, there is a significant difference between curtains and drapes, which everyone needs to recognize and understand so that you can pick the right one for your home or space, and give an appealing and eye-catchy look to your home or space.