Hidden Mystery of HORIZON BLINDS

We already know that Horizons blinds are timeless, durable, and safe. But let’s be honest, that’s what you’d expect from any windows you choose.

Excellent light controls

The slats on the horizon blinds allow you to direct the light, not just block it. If you close the slats completely, the blinds effectively darken the room, blocking out 90-95% of the light. You can also point the slats up or down for the perfect combination of privacy and light filtering.

In the bedroom, you can point the slats up toward the ceiling to let the morning light in without getting into your eyes. And in the kitchen, you can direct the blinds down onto the worktops so you can see what you’re working on without being blinded by the afternoon sun.

Easy opening and closing

Pull the string to close the blinds and direct the light. This is faster than vertical blinds and curtains, which can stick when stretched. It’s also faster than blinds, which require multiple pulls on the pulley system. Horizon blinds are Available in a variety of materials and styles.

Horizon blinds also come in different sizes. Slats on wooden blinds range from 30 to 55 millimeters, while aluminum mini blinds have 25-millimeter slats. The larger the slats, the more space the blind will provide. Wooden blinds are also available with a decorative band and matching drapery to cover the top rail.

Suitable for most windows and rooms

Horizon blinds are traditionally used for tall, thin windows, but they can be fitted to windows up to 240cm wide, so they fit most windows in the house.

If you want to install horizontal window blinds in a room with high humidity, such as a kitchen or bathroom, avoid real wood (it can warp) and choose faux wood or aluminum blinds instead.  Similarly, heat in your conservatory can warp real or faux wood blinds, so look for aluminum Venetian blinds if you’re installing windows in this room. Horizontal blinds are ideal for bay windows as you can have one blind panel per window pane.

Horizon blinds probably sound pretty good now but don’t go blindly shopping. Here are a few reasons why this window treatment—no matter how beautiful it is—may not be right for your space.

Cleaning takes longer

Dust can build up on the slats of your horizontal blinds and you will need to clean each slat separately. Just take a cloth and wipe each slat. Opt for blinds for easier cleaning. You can wipe them away with a single movement.

 Not all windows and doors fit

If you have sliding doors, horizontal blinds will get in the way. Vertical blinds are also a better choice for windows that open sideways instead of up and down.

Vertical blinds are more suitable for extremely wide windows, as vertical blinds can run the width of the entire window. If you still prefer the look of horizontal blinds and have a window wider than 240 centimeters, you can install two or more panels of horizontal blinds side by side. But if you go that route, a small amount of light can sneak in where the two panels meet.

Don’t block all the light

While horizontal blinds provide room darkening and the best light control, they are not blackout blinds. If you’re someone who needs complete darkness to sleep, consider an alternative window treatment for your bedroom.