How To Make Your House Rodent Free

Some people have the impression that if you have rodents and bugs in your home then your environmental hygiene is not as good as it should be. Clearly, this is a wrong notion because rodents can find their way into your home even if you keep your homes and surroundings extremely clean. In case you have rodents in or around your home, you should try the rodent control measures described below.

Make It Difficult for Them

Rodents enter your house or hang out in the vicinity of your house for two major reasons and these are food and shelter. It follows that if you make things inconvenient for them, they will go elsewhere. You can discourage rodents by taking a number of simple but pragmatic measures. Cut down the bushes and grasses around your home. Once you take away the natural habitat of these creatures, they will simply have to go places with more conducive environment. While you are at it, you should create a “desert” around your home. Rodents like rats need plenty of water. For this reason, you should ensure there are no leaking pipes or stagnant water in the vicinity of your home. Create an artificial desert and the rodents will look for greener or wetter pastures. Again, effective refuse disposal is crucial. Keep all refuse bins tightly closed and do not leave food particles lying around in your fore-court, backyard or driveway.

Rodent Control in Your Home

In the unlikely event that rodents find a way to get into your house, you can take a number of smart measures to get rid of them. These measures include natural, chemical and biological methods.

Natural Predators

If you have rodents like rats in your home, you can get rid of them the natural way by simply buying a number of aggressive rat-eating cats. This is a very effective method of rodent control and it is relatively cheap. In case the cats are not doing the job fast enough, you can bring in another category of rat-eaters. Barn owls love eating rats and they will gladly get rid of the rats in your home. Just place a shelter box outside your house and you will attract these carnivorous birds. While the cats are dealing with the rats in your house, the barn owls will decimate the rats that manage to escape from the cats and make it outside alive.

Rodent Poison

Now, this is simply chemical warfare but the advantage is that it is very effective. Rodent poison bats are also called rodenticides. These chemicals will definitely kill rodents in your home but you have to be careful because these chemicals could harm your family. The smart move is to consult an expert to carry out this chemical warfare on your behalf.

Rodent Traps

Rodent traps are effective and non-toxic. Just buy the right ones, place them in strategic locations and they will do the job for you. You can use glue traps, snap traps or even live traps. Choose the ones that work best for your home and the house will be rodent-free in no time.

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