How to Remove Rodents in 2022

Rodents include mice and rats, and they are destructive since they bite everything, including shoes and clothes. If a mite bites, you will have to go for treatment or injection. Moreover, mites act as carriers of diseases.

Therefore you need to control them as soon as they invade your home. There are several ways you can eliminate rodents in your home though you need to choose the most effective one. Below is the list of the best methods to use when removing rodents.

Use of Glue boards

The glue boards are sticking pads used to catch rodents. They are also used in trapping fries in houses. However, there must be a piece of food to track them, and when they try to cross the pads, it catches them. They are primarily sold in retail stores.


Trapping is the most effective method used in 2022 when the rodents are less in number. However, it would help if you placed the trap in a specific place, such as in the corner of the house or behind an object. It should be in a dark place where rodents can easily access it since they like such a place. For the method to be effective, you should set the trigger slightly so it will fall when touched by the rat. However, the technique can be somehow advantageous depending on how you use it. Below are the benefits of using the trap.

  • It is possible to dispose of the trapped rat. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the foul odour.
  • It eliminates the use of harmful rodenticides.
  • The method is affordable.

There are two different types of traps that one can use.

  • Electrocution trap- uses a battery to catch rats. The pitfalls are very costly, although they effectively eliminate rats in retail stores.
  • Snap traps- the method allows you to use any trap such as wooden.

Use of baits

Food such as meat and cheese may be used as bait to attract the rats. In most cases, eradication rodent bait is used in retail stores. However, it would help if you put poison in the piece of food, and the rat will die after taking it. Some of the baits are used to suck blood in the rat’s body; thus, it takes seven days to break.


The method is used to eliminate rodents in your home permanently. It includes blocking all the entrances the rodents could be using to get into your house. You are required to make sure the doors and windows are closed, and they fit perfectly. Pads may be fixed to ensure the doors and windows do not leave any space.


You should always ensure the kitchen is clean since it keeps rodents away. The method is affordable since you only have to make sure the house is spotless. Snacks should be sealed well to make sure rats will not eat them. Rodents cannot stay where they are not getting enough food; thus, they will go away.