Never Make These Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes

Everyone hates having to clean the bathroom. If you want a spotless bathroom after you’ve gone to the bother of getting out the mop, scrub brushes, and cleaning chemicals, here are a few things you shouldn’t do:

Returning the Bidet Brush to Its Holder

Don’t rush to return the toilet brush to its holder after each use. Instead of letting your toilet brush air dry on the back of the seat, you should let it drip dry into the bowl.

Neglecting To Initially Dust

To get rid of the dust in the bathroom, dust the top of the toilet, the shelves, and the counters using a microfiber cloth or a feather duster. Soggy feather duster and gritty, moist dust result from using water or cleaning chemicals before this step. Were you hoping to avoid dusting?

Cleaning Up Immediately After Spraying Surfaces

You undoubtedly thought about picking the right cleaning supplies, so give them a chance to shine. For best results, spray them on the countertops and wait a few minutes before washing them. That will provide them with some productive downtime.

Ignoring the Need to Clean Sprayed Surfaces

Except when using a spray-and-go cleaner, which requires only a quick soaking, always follow spraying with wiping. Leaving it on your shower wall or counter for too long might cause a difficult-to-remove buildup.

Combining Household Cleaners

There is never a good reason to mix bleach with ammonia. The reaction produces a poisonous gas that might be fatal. It is recommended that bleach be used alone for cleaning a bathroom. Not worth taking that chance!

Cleaning Porcelain and Tile using Sandpaper

Pick your cleaner carefully to give that counter a good scrubbing. Soap, water, or a product specifically for cleaning ceramics can do the work.

Failure to Maintain Clean Grout

Although cleaning the grout in your bathroom might be tedious, ignoring it can make even the cleanest of bathrooms seem dingy and dated. However, before you grab the toothbrush and grout cleaner, you should know that a few tools may make the chore nearly enjoyable, such as Zep Grout Cleaner and the small grout scrubber that works like an electric toothbrush.

Failure to regularly clean the shower curtain and liner

This is another chore that can wait for a long time. However, you should wash your shower curtain and liner at least four times a year and more often if your bathroom is damp or shows indications of mold or mildew. Even if you believe this is excessive, you should know that some individuals take the time to clean their shower rings.

Only Scrubbing the Most Visibly Filthy Areas

If you’re in a rush, it makes sense to clean only the visible areas. However, many bacteria and viruses lurk in restrooms where you can’t see them without a CSI blue light. You are responsible for sanitizing the whole bathroom, including the floor, washbasin, shower, and/or tub.

Making Poor Product Selections

Always use the appropriate products on the appropriate substrates. Products designed specifically for use with bathroom tile are an example. Different cleansers are required for various surfaces, including glass, mirrors, sinks, and counters.

Cleaning All Surfaces with a Single Sponge

Each part of the restroom should have a separate sponge or rag. Otherwise, you’ll move germs and bacteria from the toilet to the washbasin and shower.

Avoiding the Use of an Exhaust Fan

After cleaning the bathroom, open the windows so that any residual chemicals may escape. Squeaky Clean Toilets: Dedicated Cleaning Professionals is the name of the company that provides exceptional cleaning services.