Roofing Services and Certification

Your roof protects your home and your memories. Yet, your roof is probably not something you think about often. That is until something goes wrong. In order to ensure safety for you and your family, you need to know that the Boise roofing company and residential roofing contractors maryville tn you’re working with has your back and will provide reputable and efficient roofing services.

Some of the basic services roofing companies provide and an explanation of HAAG certification follows.

HAAG Certification: What Is It?

You could hear the word “Haag certified” when choosing a professional or contractor to assess or even work on your property. While the majority of homeowners stop there and assume that any certification is advantageous, other homeowners want to know precisely what that Haag certification implies. To fully comprehend, keep reading to find out everything there is to know.

HAAG-certified specialists can pinpoint issues that others might not see. Building materials typically decay over time as a result of wear and tear, but there are other factors that could speed up the aging process. These unrelated components could be problems with installation-related design, production-related difficulties, or natural calamities. Even though to the untrained eye, each of the three objects is completely separate, they could look remarkably similar unless you’re HAAG trained.

The Haag certification is available to adjusters, estimators, home inspectors, contractors, consultants, and other roofing industry professionals. The certification program has a number of prerequisites that students must accomplish before being admitted. They undergo three days of demanding training with existing Haag Certified Engineers after being accepted. The course’s instructors are considered experts in their industries and have an incredible 300 years of combined experience.

At the end of the course, all students must pass a comprehensive exam to show that they have a solid understanding of advanced damage assessment methodologies and philosophies. After completing this last exam, they will be referred to as Haag Certified Inspectors. Students who have been certified must retest each year to show that they have kept their knowledge.

Purpose of HAAG Certification

The Haag Certification stands out from other credentials due to its excellent expertise and quality standards. The program was developed by a civil engineer who wanted to determine why some constructions weren’t performing properly. It is only available to specialists in the roofing sector. The industry standard for roofing continues to remain under this accreditation.

What Roofing Services Might Call for a HAAG Certified Specialist?

Roofing Repair and New-Roofing

If your roof was damaged in a storm, your insurance adjuster might have requested Ladder Assist services. These services have to be provided by a HAAG certified specialist. Once the damage is assessed, your roof can be repaired by the same company.

Expect the process to take three to four days while your roof is getting residential roof repair portland, or. Early dawn arrival and late-night work are both scheduled for the crew. The old roofing materials will first be taken off, and the new ones will then be put in their place.

As they work, you may anticipate some noise, and some debris may end up in your yard. The team will, however, tidy up everything each day before they depart. To avoid issues in the future, you should also anticipate that the job will be completed correctly.

Ask your roofing business what kind of guarantee it offers on its services. Do they offer free follow-up in specific circumstances? Working with a business that is kind and respectful of your property is something you want to do.

Small problems will be found during a biannual inspection before they develop into leaks or the collapse of a larger piece of the roof. Regular visual inspections and maintenance of the roof are required. It is preferable to spend a little money on roof repair Oswego, IL rather than having to deal with a collapsed roof and significant damage.

For the duration of the house, the primary framework must hold up. However, based on the materials utilized to cover the roof, a total replacement might be necessary.

Your shingles should last somewhere between 15 and 30 years. More details are available from your roofing installation Dentsville, SC contractor.

The environment that the roof is exposed to determines how long your shingles survive. Climates with harsh winters and high humidity may cause the materials to decay more quickly. After a significant storm or period of severe winds, it is wise to ascend to the roof to inspect it for any damage. The roof is essential for safeguarding your home and your possessions, so keep an eye on it and make sure it is structurally good.

Services for Emergency Roofing

Repairing structural roof damage and repairing roof leaks are both emergency roof repair services that aim to prevent further property loss. Additionally, if you need a quick remedy, it can also include an emergency roof tarp.

Your insurance provider might ask a particular business to help with this. They’ll most likely want a HAAG-certified business, like Point Roofing. Another roofing service, ladder assistance, also needs this accreditation.

When an emergency strikes or a storm hits, that would have severely damaged your roof. Your insurance provider might ask a Ladder Assist business to examine your roof and determine the extent of the damage.

How Do Ladder Assistance Services Work?

A roof that the homeowner says is damaged, or faulty is subjected to an expert inspection by an insurance company or insurance adjuster. Ladder Assist is the name for this. Typically, the homeowner requests that their insurance pays for these damages. The inspection is carried out, as a result, to ensure that the homeowner is not making any false claims.

Your roof will be inspected by the Ladder Assist business to confirm two things:

  • Has there actually been damage to the roof?
  • Was the harm a result of a storm, or was it the fault of the homeowner?

There are particular individuals who are capable of performing this task, and often, these individuals work for roofing companies like Point Roofing.


When contracting a roofing company, ask about HAAG certification. Your current roofing needs might not require it, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re working with a highly qualified roofing company like Point Roofing? To learn more about our team, visit our website at