Three Reasons a Metal Roof is a Good Idea

  1. Longer lasting. A metal roof will last twice as long as the longest-lasting roofs using other materials. Roofing suppliers use materials that will serve your Utah home for an average of 50 years, as opposed to shingle or tile that will last 25 years at most. Plus, a professional supplier will know how to install the material in a way that’s built to last. This doesn’t just mean they will last past 50 years; these materials are proven to protect your home from heavy winds like those caused by tornadoes and hurricanes. Because metal roofing installed by a supplier is longer-lasting, your home is safer when you choose this option.

    2. Cost effective. Beyond standing the test of time, lightweight metal roofs are also better for your budget. Heavier materials require more support and more construction time, while a metal roofing company can install your Utah roof more quickly due to the lightweight quality. Since roofing suppliers use materials that are also reflective of the sun rather than absorbent, your home won’t heat as quickly during the hot summer months. This will save you hundreds of dollars in air conditioning bills.

    3. Environmentally friendly. Houses with asphalt shingles that need to be replaced, updated, or redone are exceptionally harmful to the environment. These shingles are often poured into the ocean and contribute to the pollution that is destroying a crucial environment on our planet. Fish and other sea creatures that make up the largest concentration of biodiversity in the world and even offer solutions to some modern diseases are dying because of pollution. Additionally, creation of asphalt shingles causes an increase in use of fossil fuels like petroleum, which are non-renewable resources that can contribute carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofing suppliers use materials that are completely recyclable and often made out of recycled materials themselves. Since suppliers can install these materials over pre-existing shingles, they not only avoid the waste and pollution shingles cause; they help prevent future waste of shingles, too.

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