Types of Air Conditioning Equipment

AC systems are extremely essential during the architectural design of a structure for the following factors:

  • The success of an HVAC system is directly related to the building’s convenience levels.
  • Cooling and heating systems required considerable investment
  • Cooling and heating systems require substantial flooring room for housing the unit or units as well as the circulation tools.
  • HVAC systems create a big part of the building operating budget

There are a variety of AC systems utilized in buildings. Below, we will provide a few kinds typically utilized in industrial buildings. This is not an extensive checklist of all variations present in structures.

Consult with licensed contractors to know what kind of AC will suit you and your room.

The sorts of HVAC systems in commercial structures can be split right into three wide groups:

  • Centralized: As the name implies, a central system is a solitary system that provides the AC needs of the structure.

The centralized system is normally located in a single zone. These systems are consolidated units and typically utilize water as a cooling medium as well as usage considerable ductwork for air distribution. The benefits of the central system are better to control and have greater load-management potential. The major drawback is these are costly to mount, as well as are more sophisticated to operate as well as keep.

  • Packaged: Packaged cooling and heating systems are usually utilized in structures without sufficient area for all the separate elements. Packaged home heating, as well as air conditioning systems, are readily available together in one packaged device. Packaged cooling and heating systems usually contain the following:
  • The air conditioner/heat pump together with the fan/evaporator coil in one system
  • Thermostat/control interface for complete control of the system
  • Optional air quality improvers. Things like the air purifiers, cleaners, ventilators, or UV lamps, which gear in the direction of making the air additional tidy before it circulates your home or office
  • Individual: Individual/decentralized systems provide energy making use of numerous private units in numerous locations of a structure.

Instances of self-contained system packages are rooftop HVAC systems, AC devices for rooms, as well as air-to-air heating units.

The benefits of specific units are they are easy to regulate as well as have reduced investments originally. However, in big buildings, individual systems can end up being a maintenance headache if you have numerous systems dispersed across the building. It is essential to combine systems that are most likely to break or leak, as well as expensive to replace, and distribute the various other points like fans, and incurable gadgets.

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