Winter Plumbing Emergencies: How to Prevent them?

A smooth, running water system is a must-need during the winter season. It does not only save you from consuming cold water from the faucet, but it also keeps you away from frustrations and considerable expenses. That is why it is best to have an understanding of how to prevent emergencies with plumbing phoenix az to avoid further issues.

With that, here are a few plumbing emergencies during the winter season and how to prevent them.

Frozen outdoor pipes

When water pipes that outdoor service spigots are not properly winterized, they might freeze. Because these lines do not extend into the residence and are generally left idle during the winter months, burst pipes can cause extensive water damage before a leak is detected.

How to prevent this?

  • To prevent winter freezes, winterize outdoor hose bibbs in the fall. Turn off the valve on the water line that serves the spigot inside the house. Outside, open the hose bib valve to allow water to drain and leave it open during the winter to relieve pressure if it does freeze. 
  • Consider replacing outdoor spigots with frost-free hose bibs. These carefully designed components help prevent freezing by being put at a downward inclination to allow for drainage and feature a water valve located closer to the interior of the residence.

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Water heater troubles

Water heaters are frequently subjected to increased loads during the winter months when houses are crowded with guests for the holidays. Repairs or replacement may be required, especially if your heater struggles to keep up with demand or fails to supply any hot water.You can hire an expert from the Punta Gorda water treatment plant to check if your heater needs the necessary actions. 

How to prevent this?

  • Maintain your water heater regularly. Most tank water heaters should be drained once a year. To verify proper operation, test the pressure relief valve.
  • Consider insulating the water supply inlet and hot water outlet pipes that flow into and out of your water heater to keep hot water warm as it travels through pipes to fixtures.

Outdoor drain damage

Outdoor drains may freeze and cause damage over the cold months. Plastic surface drains are prone to breaking owing to temperature changes that cause expansion and contraction. Take meticulous care of these drains during cold weather to avoid damage.

How to prevent this?

  • Think about replacing plastic drains with metal drains. Metal – galvanized steel – drains, in particular, withstand freezing temperatures far better than plastic counterparts and are less likely to shatter in the winter. They are also more resistant to the weight of ice formation than plastic models.
  • Clear leaves and yard debris from outside drains in the fall to minimize clogs and drainage issues over the winter.

You can consider water treatment services in Punta Gorda, FL, if you need emergency plumbers burlington ma help checking your pipes and other plumbing parts.

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