Things to consider while buying a ready-mix concrete

Are you set to order ready-mix concrete? If you think so, think twice. Before purchasing ready-mix concrete, you must maintain specific things in mind, including facts about your construction place, type, and project size. These things are necessary because the variety of ready-mix concrete differs from one sort of project to another. You may aware on buying the wrong mix design or reducing your revenues, or offering a product that could be a better concrete mix design. The art of construction will enhance by the first choice of ready-mix concrete. They will make the ready-mix concrete with a mixture of gypsum plaster. Here you have some tips that will assist you before ordering ready-mix concrete:

The appropriate RMC design mix

Selecting the right RMC mix is an essential part of your construction project. RMC is available in different grades, and the quality differs according to the grade. It will impact the stability and workability of the building portion. The qualities define the compressive power of the RMC or ready-mix concrete. So, always choose an RMC grade which is suitable for your project.


The crucial factor before ordering ready-mix concrete is knowing the required compressive mix. Typically, secured concrete from lower to higher is used for the footing on grade, and between medium to maximum is used for suspended slabs, beams, and girders. The walls and columns usually require between medium and maximum. The non-reinforced concrete is used in different strengths. If you spend it on footings and walls, concrete strength will reduce. Outdoor concrete used on home developments should be ordered with a control ranging from medium to maximum.

Order in Advance

To ensure your local green cement plant has sufficient time to prepare premixed concrete to meet your necessities, place your order at least one week before the delivery date. All orders are subject to availability, and demands requiring testing should have testing booked when the original order is placed. Short notice orders will be measured on a case-by-case basis, dependent on availability. Delivery schedules are finalized by the local time the day before delivery, so any orders booked in the evening may be delivered on the next delivery date. Confirmation of order detail and testing will be made one day before delivery. Finally, update the concrete batch plant that where the ready mix will be placed or any relevant information that could affect the schedule of the pour. Green cement plant will confirm the order detail and testing requirements one day before the order is scheduled for delivery. 

Know the quantity of concrete requirement

There are several characteristics to evaluate when estimating the volume of concrete for your demand. Assessments should be based on site measures rather than drawings or projects and allowances for on-site wastage. Orders should also factor in slab thickness variations, formwork distortion, over-excavation, un-compacted sand, and uneven sub-grade levels. Plus or balance packs are subject to truck availability and may incur extra expenses.

Final Thoughts

These steps make buying quality ready-mix concrete with a mixture of gypsum plaster easier. You may not get fear to order ready-mix concrete after the things you get to know.