4 Common Items Kept in Storage Units


Furniture is one of the most commonly store items, and for good reasons. If you’re running low on space or downsizing to a smaller apartment, getting rid of your furniture is an easy way to clear up some room for dining and activities. However, furniture is expensive and often hard to come by. Rather than selling or throwing out a perfectly couch, chair, or table, consider keeping it in a storage anchorage ak! Someday, when you purchase a townhome or your roommate moves out, you’ll be glad you did. Offsite Self Storage, located in Layton, Utah, is a secure, professional place to store your belongings. When you store your furniture, be sure to keep a few things in mind:

Place a plastic sheet on the ground beneath the furniture to prevent moisture from accumulating and causing mold

Disassemble large furniture when possible

Wrap corners to prevent scratching/denting (use bubble wrap, towels, or blankets)

Remove lightbulbs from lamps

Use corrugated cardboard to protect glass items such as mirrors

Consider using rodent repellent

Use tables and dressers as boxes when needed


Electronics, along with furniture, are frequently kept in storage units for a variety of reasons. Electronics can be expensive and even sentimental. Instead of throwing out an old phone, camera, or laptop that could have value someday (but that you don’t need), keep your vintage electronics tucked away safely in a unit. Offsite Self Storage, located in Layton, Utah, is the perfect place to store valuable electronics in high-security units. Before dumping your items in a unit, be sure ot consider the following tips:

Store all electronics with their corresponding articles and accessories such as cords and chargers

Use original boxes when possible

Stuff extra space in boxes with towels or newspaper to prevent damage and keep your electronics secured in place

When disassembled, be careful not to mix up different parts of your electronics

Wrap separate pieces individually (monitors, keyboards, modems, etc.)


Often after wedding showers or birthdays, you may find yourself overwhelmed with appliances that you don’t need such as extra microwaves, toasters, vacuums, fans, heaters, washers, dryers, and more. Appliances can be pricey, and who knows-your vacuum may break down one day and you may find yourself in desperate need of another. If you happen to have a few spare appliances, consider keeping them in a storage unit for later use. Offsite Self Storage in Layton, Utah, provides secure units that repel pests and protect against weather damage, making them the perfect choice for your storage needs. To ensure that your items are kept in mint condition, take the following precautions:

Wash and dry appliances before storing to prevent rot

Wrap fragile parts such as panels before storing

Cover appliances with sheets or other covers


Depending on your living space, legal documents and files can be difficult to store safely and harmoniously. If you tend to misplace things or if you happen to be in possession of particularly valuable documents such as wills, social security cards, or birth certificates, you may want to consider renting a storage unit for these items. Offsite Self Storage in Layton is an impregnable self-storage facility that is perfect for storing such items.

Store papers in airtight containers to prevent mildews.

Keep boxes off the floor

Use a filing system to keep files organized

Offsite Self Storage provides high-security storage units in Layton Utah.