5 Very Durable Rug Materials To Keep In Mind!

When you’re in the process of purchasing a new Rug, you’re of course going to need to keep many different factors in mind. One of those important factors is the overall durability of your prospective options, because after all you’re going to want your new rug to last for decades to come!

Durability is mainly determined upon rug materials, which is always an important factor to consider when you’re narrowing down your best options. There undoubtedly are many different great rug materials out there to choose from, but we’ve teamed up with the rug industry experts at Rug Source to help us narrow down the 5 most durable rug materials that you’ll certainly like a lot.

So take it from the pros in that the following rug materials truly are some of the most durable options within today’s marketplace!

1. Wool

Wool is a very popular choice amongst rug shoppers because it’s a great option in many parts of a home like your dining room, living room or bedroom. Wool is known for its resilient fibers that can more than handle high-traffic areas, and wool is also very soft as well.

Wool is typically more expensive as compared to other synthetic materials out there, but it certainly pays for itself in terms of durability and because it doesn’t fade like other materials do. Wool is very resistant to dirt and moisture as well, which makes it a good option for homes with children or pets!

2. Polypropylene

Another really great option when you’re looking for durable rug materials is polypropylene, which is a synthetic material that’s great for rug shoppers on a budget. Polypropylene is a popular material for outdoor area rugs because of its ability to withstand elements and sunlight, and it’s also a low-maintenance option for indoor areas as well.

If you’re looking for a convenient option that is very durable and will stand the test of time, then you should definitely consider a polypropylene area rug for your home!

3. Nylon

Nylon is another great synthetic material like polypropylene that does a great job when it comes to overall durability. This rug material tends to be very resistant to things like mildew, abrasions and static. Nylon is also known for drying really quickly, which is why a lot of homeowners will choose this material for their bathroom rugs and pool areas.

Nylon is also known for its overall elasticity, which means that it can stretch pretty well underneath your furniture and still maintain its original shape.

4. Sisal

Sisal rugs are always a great accent to any room because they add a welcoming sense that also provides a lot of warmth to your home’s ambience. There’s no denying that sisal is by far the most durable of any natural rug fibers, and this is why it’s often used during the creation of very large area rugs.

Sisal also provides a very aesthetic weave and highlights that will add more texture and depth to your room. This is a good option for any room, as well as narrow hallways and your foyer space. Sisal is an eco-conscious choice as well as compared to some of the other synthetic materials in this list!

5. Jute

Jute is another natural material that is very durable and also provides a sense of elegance. It is pretty similar to sisal, but it also comes in great colors like tan, beige and golden brown that tend to match well with many people’s existing home aesthetics.

Jute is very low-maintenance and is a great option for homes that have children or pets. All you’ll really need to do with a jute rug is a bit of vacuuming and then you’re good to go!

Reach Out To Rug Industry Experts To Learn More About These Durable Materials!

Investing in a new area rug is something that you’ll likely expect to last you for many years to come, which is exactly why you should be sure to choose a material that’s durable enough to withstand your home’s foot traffic and other variables.

You can learn more about durable rug materials by speaking directly with the industry experts at Rug Source by clicking through the link at the top of the article!