Applications of plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is commonly known as moulding powder and is applied for various purposes. POP which is made up of gypsum is a white colour powder. It is widely used for sculpting, casting, and gauze bandages. It is a chemical that has calcium sulphate hemihydrates which are obtained by heating gypsum.

Properties of plaster of Paris

It has a powder consistency, when water is mixed it produces gypsum crystals which leads to set into a hard mass. Because of this property, it gives your firm equal to cement for the constructions. The exothermic setting process is the reason behind the firm fixation. It is catalyzed by sodium chloride and retraded by alum or borax.

You can attain anhydrous calcium sulphate by burning plaster of Paris at 473 kelvin.

There are three types of plaster of Paris that are widely used:

  • Gypsum plaster
  • Lime plaster
  • Cement plaster

Applications of plaster of Paris

There are plenty of usages and applications for Plaster of Paris. POP is used across for several factors such as buildings, decoration to arts, medical and dentistry. Here are some of the popular usages of plaster of Paris.

Building material

Constructors and architects use plaster of Paris as raw material for buildings. It is commonly used as a protective coating for the house for both interior and exterior. By using plaster of Paris, the builders achieve the smooth surface of the wall. It also aids the building from fire accidents.

Moulding and casting agents

It has a superb moulding property, and so it is used for moulding and casting various products. POP serves as the beauty element for various showpieces and another decoration element.

Medical applications and purposes

It is widely used in hospitals and other medical departments. It gives effective results in fracture cases. The fractured bone is protectively covered with POP casts by orthopaedics. POP attains additional support and stiffness to the bone and speeds up the process of healing.


POP is used to manufacture patients immobilization shells. Plaster bandages are helpful in developing the patient’s head and neck impression. Radiotherapy also uses POP paste to fill the impression and make a plaster dummy.

Decoration element

It gives an excellent finishing look for decorative pieces. It is highly preferred for statue making because of its elegant appearance. It is used for the creation of attractive designs and patterns in decorative elements.

Arts and craft

Children’s and adults use plaster of Paris for crafts. It is highly effective in bringing beautiful patterns or designs by painters and artists. The need and applicability of POP are more in the field of art.

In dentistry

Dentists make use of plaster of Paris to make moulds for the cavity and casts for teeth protection. Dental clinics use plaster of Paris for a temporary period. Sometimes replicas of teeth and tissues are made with plaster of Paris.

For fireproofing

POP has a high fire-resisting character, and so it is used as fire resistants in buildings, fireproofing products and fire protection systems.

Bottom line:

A developed element of Gypsum plaster is being used in 3D paintings and burial services in present days.