Drink Safe, With zak!

Professionals at zak! have taken the time to ensure that all of our products are BPA-free. We have set reasonable prices for our products to ensure our manufacturers continue making safe products for all customers. One of our top priorities as a company is to keep our customers and their children safe. We want to ensure that our products are safe and that our customers understand what they are getting before buying them!

If you’re concerned about safety, know that zak! takes precautions to ensure our products are safe for children and their families. We want you to be excited about purchasing our products and understand that we go above and beyond to make you and your child feel safe while using them. It is critical to us that our customers trust our care standards and the precautions we take to ensure the safety of our products.

Keeping Quality in Mind

Molds are created by zak! manufacturers to ensure that none of our products pose a safety risk to children or users. We remove any small parts that could cause a choking hazard, as well as any straw material that small children could bite off and cause a safety issue. All of the included straps are detachable, allowing parents to choose whether or not to allow their children to use them. Many drop tests are performed on water bottles to ensure they are child safe before hitting the shelves or online websites. Pull tests to see if any pieces are lost due to children pulling on the product unnecessarily. Most importantly, lab tests ensure that no harmful chemicals are present in the products.

These products have been child proofed and more in order to keep all children safe while using and shopping for them. We understand how children can behave in a store. To provide top-of-the-line goods, we continue to expect the highest levels of safety and quality from our manufacturers, employees, and customers. You can feel secure knowing that your child is using our products because manufacturers have tested and approved them for use by children. We understand that new goods can be frightening, but zak! products are completely safe for everyone!

We use materials with the expectation that children will continue to touch them while shopping. We understand that things may end up in their mouth. They learn by doing, so you can rest assured that they will not be harmed when they handle our products. It’s fine to let them go shopping and discover what they like while spotting their favorite characters and colors on the shelves. However, teaching them the proper method to select new zak! products are also necessary!

Shopping with Safety Matters

Our products are available in stores and online. You can look online when you see something and wonder if it comes in another character or color because we have more options. We want to ensure our customers that we provide what they need and that all of our products are meticulously designed with children’s safety in mind. Is your child’s favorite zak! water bottle in need of a replacement lid? Replacement parts are available!

When it comes to our children, we always want to know that they are using safe products that will not break in a week, so taking the time to research and understand what you are purchasing benefits both you and your child. They might become enamored with the new water bottle or dinnerware you buy them. Understanding everything about the ingredients you use in your kitchen is critical. You are allowing your child to fall in love with zak! products are acceptable because we care about our customer’s well-being. Family time is important, and getting everyone there with a smile on their faces is essential!

Labels Are Not Just for You

If your children are in school or you have numerous children, label their belongings, so you know who owns what. Labeling will help you keep track of all the zak! products around the house and will save you from a fight if someone uses the wrong water bottles. Yes, they choose their characters, but this technique can help to reduce arguments. Labeling items makes it simpler for teachers or babysitters to determine who owns what. However, only use the first name and last initial when using identifiers. There is no need to include your full surname.

Your children may still need to be able to read or print their names, but knowing their names will help everyone around them ensure that their water bottles and mealtime utensils are not mixed up with someone else’s. This can become a safety problem due to illness or fighting that labels could prevent. Only some people will consider marking their child’s belongings and maintaining your children’s zak! products should be a top concern for you.

Labels are also useful when traveling. Children enjoy putting things down and leaving them in different places. If you put a label on it and say they put their cup next to someone else who has a similar cup, all you have to do is look at the label! When you label and have matching sets from zak! products, you can always stay on top of your children’s belongings and stay organized. Safety is just a bonus when you consider how much your kid will enjoy dining with their favorite characters and showing off their water bottles to all of their peers!

You Can Count on zak! Anytime

It is critical to remember that our manufacturers double-check everything before it hits the shelves. To ensure that we can produce the best products, we always prioritize the safety of children and all of our customers. When it comes to our customers’ health and safety, we will never accept anything less than the best because we want you to be confident in purchasing our products. Please contact us if you have any questions about our zak! safety procedures and we will assist you with your next purchase!

We take the time to discover the best designs, new products, and high ratings because we want our customers to invest in our products! Shop at www.zak.com to help fill your kitchen with all of our color choices to keep your children entertained during mealtime. Build your kitchen with our products today and show your children what mealtime looks like by allowing them to choose what they eat from and who is one of their mealtime plates, cups, and silverware! Eating becomes a whole new experience when they choose.