Flowers Your Mom and Girlfriend Will Love, And How To Pick the Perfect Bouquet

A surprise delivery of a bunch of flowers is something that nobody can grumble about. It is a kind act to give flowers to someone on their birthday, anniversary, or even on the first date with them. Even though the practice of delivering flowers has been around for millennia and has even been responsible for the development of a coded language, it is still considered an art form that demands dexterity.

Each and every occasion calls for a one-of-a-kind flower bouquet or floral arrangement. La Fleur is your go-to shop for flowers in Austin, TX, for every occasion for which you may want floral arrangements. Continue reading for more suggestions on what you may do to demonstrate your affection for a certain person on any given day. Once you have a plan in mind, the florists at La Fleur will make sure that you never run out of any of the components!

Pick a Theme

Before you decide what kind of flowers to give, you should first think about whether or not the person you are buying them for is more likely to appreciate more traditional gifts or more unusual and out-of-the-way expressions of affection. Only then can you choose the best kind of flowers to give them. Roses are not the only kind of flower that can be used to create a beautiful arrangement; other flowers may be used as well. It’s possible that your girlfriend or mother might prefer a zen garden or a succulent to a piece of jewelry or a bottle of perfume since they are more one-of-a-kind gifts. Even while perfume and jewelry are always welcome presents, if your mother or girlfriend like receiving unusual presents, one of these items can be more to their taste. Succulents and zen gardens stand out when compared to traditional flower arrangements because not only do they offer a unique presentation, but they also continue to thrive for a significant amount of time after the flowers would have withered and died had they been placed in the same conditions as the succulents and zen gardens. This makes succulents and zen gardens stand out more.

Honor your mother on this very special day.

During the whole Victorian era, orchids were a well-liked option for a gift. Because of the uniqueness of the flower, it was thought that bestowing it onto a recipient as a token of appreciation would convey the depth of one’s affection for that person. In ancient Chinese culture, orchids also had another connotation, which was “many offspring or children.” Orchids personify perfection in terms of wisdom, foresight, and physical appearance.

The color pink, which is associated with love, sophistication, and femininity, and the color purple, which is associated with royalty, respect, and affection, are both popular options for Mother’s Day orchids.

In recognition of Mother’s Day, or anytime you feel the need to let mom know how much she means to you, you should do the following. Do you feel like your day might benefit from a beautiful flower arrangement? When in doubt, choose pink carnations as your flower of choice. Because of the caring affection that they represent, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these flowers are so popular for Mother’s Day.

A beautiful way to express gratitude, admiration, and appreciation is via the gift of pink flowers. At any time of the year, a bouquet of pink gerbera daisies is a safe bet that won’t let you down. The use of white as an accent color works well here.

How about stopping by the florist and picking up a beautiful flower for your mother? Whether you have an overwhelming number of thoughts, sentiments, and meanings to convey or your mother has an overwhelming number of favorite flowers, there is a method to get everything done.

A considerate and heartfelt present idea would be to create a stunning floral arrangement for your mother using at least three or four of her favorite flowers. In addition to the flowers that have already been listed, hydrangeas, peonies, and gerbera daisies are also often given as Mother’s Day gifts.

Recognize the Value of Your Devoted Love

Passion is represented by the red rose, sometimes known as the “lover’s rose.” They are exquisite in appearance and cultured, and they exude an alluring charm. In addition to signifying unending love and ardor, red roses are one of nature’s most stunning flowers. It is possible that you will continue to utilize roses, but this time you should pick an orange variety. You may also stick with the color red, but use a different flower as your accessory. The striking beauty and refined nature of red tulips cannot be understated. It is said that the velvety black center of the tulip represents the deepest part of a lover’s heart. You may be able to deepen the significance of your arrangement by choosing flowers other than roses and tulips to include in it. For example, you may do well to utilize asters, which are a somewhat uncommon flower but are nevertheless regarded as a sign of love. Pink stargazer lilies are said to represent prosperity, whereas pink alstroemeria are thought to represent faithfulness. Peonies, it is often believed, are signs of good luck and marital bliss. Peonies are also associated with prosperity. Any of the aforementioned flowers would be an appropriate gift for a couple that has been through hell and back, yet has always managed to find a way to come back to each other and strengthen their love.

Love That Is Only Just Starting Out

It is possible to accomplish both of these goals at the same time by presenting a new romantic interest with a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Because of the significance of making a good first impression, roses and lilacs, two additional types of purple flowers, are often included in wedding bouquets.

The ideal way to convey that you want to say something but aren’t quite ready to do so is via the gift of a bouquet that contains a variety of different sorts of flowers. Sending a little bouquet of red roses in a vase is an elegant and understated way to show interest in someone without going overboard. A bouquet consisting of peach, white, and orange roses would be quite gorgeous, and the orange roses, which are said to represent longing, would make an excellent centerpiece for the arrangement.

Orchids make a stunning, one-of-a-kind, and out-of-this-world gift. She will be aware of the extent to which she motivates you. Yellow is representative of the happiness and contentment that may be attained by spending time with a friend or loved one and taking pleasure in each other’s presence via the pursuit of common interests and the exchange of humorous banter. A brilliant and cheery bouquet may be made, for instance, by combining roses and yellow tulips in the same arrangement.

You may create a nice present for your buddy by combining daisies and freesias, which are two flowers that have comparable connotations. Your friend will enjoy the gift. Freesias are favored by men for their lovely fragrance, while daisies are favored by women for their fresh and young appearance.

On every first date, you should conduct yourself in accordance with these guidelines. After you have selected the setting in which you want to ask her to marry you, a bouquet of flowers is a kind present to give her.


In a nutshell, flowers aren’t particular to any one occasion or individual in particular. Flowers are the ideal present to give “simply because” or for any other occasion that may arise. Whether you are looking to make a loved one happy or just brighten someone’s day, flowers are a classic gift choice that will never go out of style. Florists such as La Fleur provide a broad number of options, one of which is likely to be suitable for every given circumstance involving the presentation of a gift. When you are in need of a gift idea for someone significant in your life, go to to get some inspiration for a present.