Granite Sinks- Pros And Cons 

For a sink, granite is definitely one of the most long-lasting and sturdiest materials. However, no granite in the market is 100% pure because pure granite is rare and expensive. Only a few pure granite sinks are available. Even though composite granite might not be completely pure, they are still sturdy and hard and work great as a sink material. 

Nevertheless, it is good to weigh both the pros and cons before making a decision. Since there are so many options, it can confuse and overwhelm consumers. If you are stuck questioning whether you should get a granite sink or not, you should speak to a Casa Granite marble countertops expert. 

Pros and cons of granite sinks


  • Durability. 

When you pick a countertop for your kitchen, durability is usually what you want to go for. The same material you use for your countertop goes in your kitchen sink. Granite is one of the strong materials and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. It does not easily scratch or become damaged despite the heavy workings of the kitchen. 

  • Attractive. 

There is no doubt that granite looks extremely attractive in a house. Using granite in your kitchen will make it more beautiful and enhance your experience in the room where you spend a significant part of your day. Granite can make your kitchen look more elegant and give it a luxurious vibe. 

  • Versatility. 

Granite comes in various color options, so you are bound to find something to your taste. Granite comes in red, blue, black, brown, beige, and other colors. So, no matter what your aesthetic appeal is, granite is sure to fulfill it. You can match it with your kitchen furniture or pick one that complements them the most. 


  • Heavy. 

Since granite is strong, it is undoubtedly heavy. It requires a strong labor force during the installation process because it can be difficult to move due to its heavy weight. The installation prices, especially the labor costs, are particularly high due to this factor. 

  • Hard. 

Granite is a hard natural stone, one of the most important reasons it is used in the kitchen. Some sinks are a bit forgiving towards your utensils, but a granite one is not. When you accidentally drop glassware in the sink while washing the dishes, it will break into pieces. 

  • Extra expense. 

Even though granite is strong, hard, and attractive to include in a home and enhance its aesthetic, it comes at no low price. Granite sinks and countertops are generally more expensive than stainless steel or porcelain sinks.