How To Choose The Right Digger For Your Project

Choosing a digger is an important part of many construction and engineering projects. There are so many different options open to you when you first start looking at a plant lease depot where you can hire a digger. Where do you start with choosing a digger for your project or whether you need mini excavator hire?

There are always a few different issues to consider, from the size and access of the site and the tasks that you need assistance with, alongside budgetary issues and the scheduling of the project as a whole. Working with a plant hire service is the best way to ensure that everything is running smoothly together as one cohesive unit.

Diggers are always a common piece of machinery that are seen on most construction sites and projects. In order to choose the right digger for your specific needs, you’ll need to understand the task at hand. There are options of mini excavators, midi and micro diggers, all with different sizes, capabilities, and capacities.

Micro diggers – micro diggers are ultra-reliable to work with. They have a compact short rear end, which makes it an efficient piece of machinery to work in the tightest of spaces on site. It also means that they can be used even inside buildings, with adjustable track width to get inside and work on digging tasks on the interior of structures. For small scale and interior building work, micro diggers are the best choice.

Mini diggers – mini excavator hire would be the best choice for landscaping tasks, civil engineering projects, and any building work where there is the need for a little bit more power than a micro digger provides, but where there is still a requirement for access to tight, limited spaces. These machines are great to help with renovation tasks, concrete removal and more. There is also variation within mini diggers in terms of size, where you might need the larger mini excavator hire to work with greater capacity in digging ditches and trenches, for example.

Midi diggers – a larger digger that offers versatility and larger capacity on construction sites in the main. You’ll have a flexible choice of models, with cabs, canopies, rubber tracks, zero tail swing, whilst providing the tools of a larger digger alongside the manoeuvrability of a smaller model. These models provide greater digging depth and capacity to move dirt.

Whatever type of project you are working on or have coming up in the next few months, it is important that you understand exactly what type of digger you need to work with. Whether you need mini excavator hire or a bigger model, working with a national plant hire company that has the best plant hire service to match your needs will go a long way to determining the success of your project. An expert in plant hire understands the different models of excavators on the market today, what works best in different situations, and will advise accordingly so that you maximise productivity on site with the best choice of excavator hire.