How To Preserve Your Quartz Countertops 

Quartz has been a popular choice among homeowners. The material does not only beautify a house but can also increase its resale value. It is versatile, durable, and tougher than most other natural stones. The stone can endure a lot of wear and tear and requires minimal maintenance. 

Even though quartz is a durable material, it is still important to preserve it. Learning a few tips can help you preserve your investment for a lifetime. Méga Comptoirs quartz kitchen countertops are some of the best in town. 

Tips for preserving your quartz countertops 

  • Everyday maintenance. 

Although the material is quite strong, it still needs daily maintenance to retain its charm. Caring for your countertops and cleaning them on a daily basis will help them keep new for years. When cleaning your counters, make sure not to use strong and abrasive detergent. Use mild soap and a cloth. Avoid using acidic cleaners or ones that have high contents of alkaline. 

  • Wipe up spills right away. 

Even though quartz is an engineered stone and is made to resist stains, it is still important to wipe up spills as soon as possible. Allowing stains to sit on your quartz countertops for too long can damage them permanently. It does not matter what the spilled substance is; you must clean it before it makes a stain. To clean, use mild soap and some water. 

Spills you should look out for include coffee, tea, wine, or things that are more likely to make a mark. 

  • Look out for heavy objects. 

You may have already heard that quartz is a strong material that can withstand damage. While this material can stand a lot of abuse, it is still important to look out for heavy objects. Avoid plopping a heavy utensil or other objects suddenly on the surface. 

If you must place a heavy object, be careful while placing it. Put it gently or place a towel on the surface and then place the object. 

  • Always use a cutting board. 

Even though quartz is scratch-resistant, it is still destructible. When cutting fruits or vegetables on your kitchen countertop with a sharp knife, be sure to use a cutting board. If you do not have a cutting board, use another protective layer; otherwise, you might end up permanently damaging the surface. Furthermore, using a cutting board will protect your knives as well and keep them from dulling. 

  • Use cleaning grease. 

When cleaning your countertop, make sure you use a cleaning grease, one that does not contain bleach. If you must use bleach, make sure to use a diluted solution.