How to Renovate Your Bathroom in 10 Steps

Although most individuals begin and end their days in the bathroom, this room is sometimes forgotten when thinking about house renovations. If you’re reading this now and your restroom needs updating, you may want to do so affordably.

You may save up to a couple of thousand dollars by taking on some do-it-yourself projects. Limiting the use of pricey elements like tile and repairing fixtures rather than purchasing new ones are two other bathroom makeover cost-saving suggestions.

Whether you want a budget renovation or you can afford something more expensive, these tips can help you get your new and shiny bathroom.

Make a small plan including all the possible changes

Consider what you appreciate and wish to alter about your present bathroom. Just switching out the tiles or the fixtures in many bathrooms may give the space the makeover it needs. It sounds so basic, but small changes are sometimes the most significant ones.

If the problem is mainly with the layout, you will be required to determine what you wish to move, while taking into account the plumbing for the bathroom, shower, or bathtub. Before you ever speak to a contractor, tiler, or plumber, employ the services of an architect to create your blueprints. You should also be aware of any state construction laws and ordinances that may have an impact on your design, such as the minimum distances required between electrical outlets and sinks.

Establish a budget to meet the costs

Budget planning is another thing you must do. Even if you can afford costly bathroom renovation, you have to make a plan and spend money wisely. Your budget should initially have line items for:

l  Demolition or waste disposal

l  Plumbing, electricity, or lighting

l  Plastering, painting, and tiling faucets, showers, and vanities

Bathroom renovations can cost anywhere between $10,000 and AUD 30,000 based on if you’re replacing fixtures and tiling or completely redoing the space. Additionally, you should make sure to include a backup plan with some additional money just in case any unforeseen costs emerge along the road. There are also some valuable tips on how to save money on bathroom renovations that you should check in case you have a tight budget for this project.

Renovate the bathroom from the ground

If you’re planning a full bathroom makeover, you should start by taking out any fixtures that will be changed out later on. Fixtures can be removed to make room for cleaning, repairs, and the installation of new fixtures in the remaining space.

To prevent unneeded water spillage, start by emptying and afterward removing the toilet. After that, take out the bathroom tile before removing the bathtub. Cupboards, mirrors, walls, and floor tiles should be removed last among the fixtures. After doing this, the demolition can start. In case you´re making a full makeover, the demolition will also be significant. If you don´t want it, use can demolish only some parts of the bathroom.

Take care of the plumbing fixtures

It will be possible to install the plumbing fixtures after the demolition is finished. This applies to the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink.

Before installation, the piping for these fixtures must be run. You’ll also need to drill through the studs because the pipe could need to pass through the exterior walls. You may be required to install a moisture barrier on the floors and walls even if you’re not replacing the tub or shower.

Reinstall the cabinets

The bathroom makeover process next moves on to the worktops and cabinetry. The new cabinets can be purchased pre-built at a home-improvement store, or you can have them custom-built for the area.

Select the material for your countertop after the cabinets are installed. Countertops can be made of almost any material, although some are simpler to keep clean than others. Because they are durable, functional in a bathroom setting, and simple to maintain, laminate countertops are very popular.

Change the old, dull lighting

Who says only cold hues are adequate for bathrooms? You can give your bathroom a small makeover by only adding some warm hue to it.

The appropriate color can affect how you feel. You can quickly and economically modify the illumination in your home, which may help make a small bathroom appear larger and more attractive. Choosing a warmer, light color can make your skin seem nicer and will make the entire atmosphere feel cozier. Upgrade your bulbs with brand-new fluorescent bulbs to get the natural warmness of a sunny day instead of a cold and neutral ambiance.

Install a new floor in your bathroom

The majority of home improvement stores sell affordable, long-lasting tiles in a diverse range of designs. Since ancient times, flooring in homes has been covered with porcelain tiles, which come in a wide variety of hues, forms, and sizes. We’ll examine the advantages of tiling for your bathroom today.

Your bathroom can benefit from the color and pattern that tiles can bring. They are also long-lasting and simple to clean. In addition, compared to other flooring materials like hardwood or carpeting, tiles in Australia are less expensive.

When in doubt, use bright colors

To save money, pick neutral bathroom fixtures. Sinks and toilets come in plain white, are widely accessible at modest rates, and are easy to use. They can be combined with any type of furniture. You may now add some colorful embellishments thanks to this. You may have additional cash to spend on a border made of glass mosaic if you choose plain white field tiles. Pick low-cost accents like vivid towels, striking window treatments, eye-catching wall art, and fresh wall paint to provide color to the bland background.

Add some texture to your bathroom

Coziness and decoration can go along if you add a fluffy rug to your bathroom.

The varieties of bathroom carpets available for purchase are numerous. The kind of carpet you should select will depend on the style of bathroom you want. You can get a rug with a simple design if you prefer a more contemporary appearance.

Usually, wood and cotton or even wool are used to make these. This kind of rug is often quite lightweight and wouldn’t be too heavy to frequently drop to the ground. Choose the thicker wool and cotton carpets if you prefer a more classic appearance. This is because it resembles the bathroom carpets used by earlier generations quite a bit.

Take care of bathroom window treatments

Window treatments are an excellent method to transform a space’s appearance and atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Additionally, window treatments are among the most well-liked and cost-effective solutions to update your toilet. There are several alternatives available, including roman shades, curtains, and even just adding some valances.

The best aspect is that window treatments don’t require a lot of effort or money. You may make your own or purchase reasonably priced ones at your neighborhood hardware store.

The main message is that you don’t need to completely redesign your bathroom to give it new vitality. Use a handful of the suggestions that you find most useful. Several low-cost modifications can instantly transform your bathroom. These low-cost bathroom design suggestions are a tried-and-true method of updating the appearance of your bathroom.