New About Sleeve Curtains , bring a trendy and modern look to any wall. Our new About Sleeve Curtains are made from high-quality polyester fabrics and come in an array of designs, perfect for your home or business. Sleeve Curtains are produced with the best cotton materials, high-quality weaving technology, contemporary design, and sophisticated embroidery. Sleeves are the most popular style for window treatments, and for good reason: it’s light, give you more control and visibility in the room, and most importantly look great. The Sleeve Curtain Room scape Collection combines the beauty of sleeved panels with the easy-to-install snap strip to perfectly enhance your windows. Plus, they’re easy to match with any fabric in your closet or home decor.


Customized Sleeve curtains are fabulous curtains that create a luxurious look on personal or business retreats. You may have your favorite color tone or pattern, soft or hard-to-find fabric, or even a special material, Curtains are a great way to add a decorative touch, color, and privacy all in one place. Plus, you can customize the length and height to perfectly fit any room.

Customized Sleeve Curtain will customize any outdoor space with a unique custom statement. Exchanging the standard custom design in your choice of fabric. The size is easily adjusted by cutting or hemming.


There are many different types of sleeve curtains. These are used in buildings and can be custom-made to fit windows, doors, or the space they need to cover. Sealed seams make this simple option a good choice for rooms where heat rises or air flows up or down. The fixed length makes it ideal for larger windows or rooms where you don’t want your curtains billowing out as much. One-way options help provide better privacy for bathrooms, kitchens, and even bedrooms when someone is in there. There are several different types or styles of sleeve curtains, and each one offers a different experience. Types include lightweight curtains, heavy-duty curtains, slide-in shades to block in light and privacy, raised panel tunnels to create more privacy and depth where needed, tiebacks, and railings.

Two types of sleeves curtain:

  • woven
  • flat

They are ideal for any wall whether you’re using a vertical or horizontal design. The woven sleeve curtain comes in different weights and sizes, these can be hung with Velcro tabs or with the help of a pole. The flat sleeve wall curtain is usually vertical in shape and made up of two layers to form its sides while its middle part is left hanging down like a hood making it look like a one-piece curtain.

When choosing a lace-up sleeve curtain, the lace can be tightened or loosened for easy operation. Also, the material is stable, waterproof, and durable. There are different types of Sleeve Curtains. The most popular and time-tested type is known as a window curtain. It consists of a cylindrical tube suspended from the ceiling or wall, with a center rod and loop attached to each end.