Preparing for a Lake Vacation

In one sense, it’s quite odd that there are a definite set or things that people associate with a lake vacation. And it’s odd because lakes can be situated anywhere! The climate of an area and the according preparations that visitors to that area should make on account of the climate are hardly dependent on whether there’s a lake there or not! 

Nevertheless, lake vacations are normally considered to involve things like relaxing on a deck bed by the lakeside with a book, swimming, picnics, barbecues, and quaint forest-style accommodation nearby. They also have a strong rural appeal, not normally being associated with cities (even though there are plenty of large settlements within the vicinity of idyllic lakes). 

For sure, not all lake vacations are like this, but that’s the common conception and the way they are most often marketed. This impression also gives many people a pretty clear idea of what they should pack – swimwear, bug-repellent, and so on. 

Of course, just as this impression of lakeside vacations is an oversimplification, there is quite a bit more to proper lake vacation preparation than you might originally expect. REMAX Hot Springs Village Rentals, a homes for sale and rental homes company located in Arkansas, note that lakeside properties can also vary a lot too, whilst still sharing many things in common. 

Tips for Choosing a Location 

The first thing you do when preparing for any kind of vacation is to choose where to go. For lake vacations, it’s also about choosing a lake. 

The things to consider are usually natural beauty and the things you can do at that particular lakeside. These don’t always come together. For example, a lake could well be of outstanding beauty but not warm enough or otherwise suitable for swimming. 

The lakeside could also be a relatively depopulated hidden gem, or it could be well recognized as a tourist spot and might therefore come with several amenities such as an artificial beach, showers or restaurants, and kiosks along the waterfront. 

Choosing the best location, then, is all about balancing the extent of its appeal (you do not want it to be too crowded) with its suitability for a vacation (you want to be able to enjoy it too). It will also depend in a large part on what you want to do.

Lakeside vacation homes that are part of larger resort or are situated within a well-known vacation area are usually a safe bet, but there is a lot to be said for finding somewhere hidden too. 

What to Pack 

The other thing is what you should pack. Here follows some of the essentials:

An Insulated Cooler 

Chances are, you’re going to want to have some drinks and snacks when by the lakeside. To ensure they stay at the right temperature, a cooler is a must. 

Bug Spray 

Wherever the lake is, there is usually the risk of insect and hence insect bites. Taking along some bug spray is nearly always advised whenever you are going somewhere with water and trees. 


Another lakeside essential is entertainment for the lakeside. This normally means things like board games and playing cards. You might also take along some sports items, such as a ball or a racket set. 

Dry Bag

These items are nearly always needed for lakeside vacations simply because they all involve water – and usually getting into the water. A dry bag can keep things like books, magazines, and electronics safe from damage.

Beyond these items, it all depends on what type of lake vacation you are headed for. The preparation is usually the same, but it can vary.