Prevent Your Garage From Flooding By Practicing These Methods

Does your garage flood every time there is heavy rain or natural disaster? While your home or business garage is made for your convenience, it can be more prone to flooding or storms. If your garage gets flooded with water, you will face property and foundation damages. 

For example, the foundation of your garage can get weak, the objects and materials present in your garage can be ruined, and most importantly, it might damage some parts of your motor vehicle. Although you might take a little more hard work to prevent your garage from flooding, it is worth it. 

You can save all your stuff by implementing simple steps and functionality in your garage. Contact La Puerta garage door services today if you want to make your garage flood-proof. 

How to prevent flooding in your garage?

If you have a house or office with a garage in a flood or storm-prone area, it is essential to implement preventive measures to protect your garage from flooding. 

You should first secure your garage door to prevent water from entering your garage. Due to the purpose of garage doors, they are designed to be light and easily open or close. 

While this has a time-saving advantage for your daily routine, it is most likely to damage during floods. Once the garage door is damaged, the water can quickly enter your garage.

So here are some ways you can secure your garage door;

  • Secure the weather-strips and foundation

Weather-strips are rubber strips at the bottom of your garage door that prevents water from entering. When these new strips work pretty efficiently, however, as they get d, they are bound to crack, which leads to flooding in your garage. 

It is essential to check the weather strips of your garage door and change them from time to time. The additional benefit of these weather strips is that they contribute to maintaining a standard temperature for your garage. 

  • Check and improvise drainage systems.

If your garage fools every time there is heavy rainfall, you must check your drainage systems as they are responsible for causing leaks in your garage. If the city you live in lacks proper drainage systems, you can install french drains that stretch up to your driveway or cover the entire area in front of your garage. 

These drainage systems help drain the excess water collected in front of your garage when the street drainage systems are overloaded.