Should the Design of Your Kitchen and Bathroom Match?

If you have recently completed a kitchen renovation and want to start on the bathroom, you may wonder if their design must match. Although it can be a personal choice, having the bathroom and kitchen having a matching design could offer your home cohesiveness, bringing everything together. To make this happen, you must pay attention to important features such as cabinetry, countertops, vanity, and flooring. Considering these features can help you decide whether both spaces must match. Also, ensure you order these features from a reliable supplier like Entrepot de Cuisine. The best supplier can also give you design ideas you can consider. 


Do your kitchen and bathroom cabinets need to match? If you have a big kitchen with dark cabinetry, the same cabinetry may not be good in a small bathroom. Having a darker palette in a small area can make it look even smaller. But if you have a big bathroom, dark cabinetry is perfect in it, offering a cohesive design style.


Granite countertops are ideal for both the kitchen and bathroom. They are bacteria-resistant and durable, which can benefit both rooms where germs can develop. Additionally, they can improve the look of both spaces. Also, granite countertops can resist stains as well as withstand the elements and temperatures of both rooms. 


Having the same flooring for the bathroom and kitchen can help you save money. You can purchase in bulk, which usually lowers the cost. Also, given the possibility of spills and the presence of liquids in both rooms, they must have the same flooring. For the bathroom and kitchen, tile floors are ideal. But you may need to pick different size tiles. For example, a bathroom may require less flooring and big tiles may make the space look small. You can have the same tile colours for both rooms; however, you might need to get different sizes for them.


Both the bathroom and kitchen have layers of light, which is essential to make different moods in both spaces. But for the kitchen, task lighting is essential for food preparation areas while a bathroom requires a different kind of task lighting for your makeup station. Ambient and general lighting must be added in both spaces to complete the lighting layers. 

Whether or not you want your bathroom and kitchen to match depends on your preference. Against, matching both rooms can bring your home together. Take your time thinking about this and how you want your home to look.