Want To Paint Your Skirting Board? Learn the Tricks

Most often, people prefer to give a fresh coat of paint to their walls as well as skirting boards, and it gives their house a new leash of life. However, at times, painting their skirting board or baseboard turns out to be a frustrating and complicated task. But they can simplify the task by following some factors.

If you wish to update the interiors of your house to give it a fresh look, you need not shell out a lot of money to purchase knick-knacks or furniture, as you can always paint your skirting boards and your walls. Though painting the walls is an easy process, the thing is not so with the skirting boards. No matter whether you have a small or large skirting board, you must have the ideal components to paint the board. Again, you must prepare yourself fully for the job. This way, you will have it finished in only some time without putting in lots of effort.

The preparation process

Preparation is a vital step in every job, and it does not remain confined to painting skirting boards alone. To prepare yourself, you must be armed with the ideal materials you will need for the job. Again, you must put everything in place so that you can remain focused on the job. Get some brushes and paints. For the painting purpose, you must get latex paint as this kind of paint dries quickly. Again, this paint tends to be durable, too, against scuffing and scratches. If you find that your baseboard was painted with oil-based paint, your new paint should not be different.

The reason behind this is you can’t mix water and oil. Now, if you opt to purchase water-based paint, you must sand and prime your baseboard. And for this job, you must get painting pads rather than brushes or rollers, as the former can do the job more efficiently. The majority of the painting pads seem to be ideal for skirting boards, and they allow people to paint their baseboard with only one stroke in place of several strokes. So, they get even painting.

Masking up

Before you paint your skirting board, you must put on a mask on both your floor and wall. This way, you can avert paint smudges from getting to your floor and wall. So the paint job will not appear sloppy and messy. For masking up, you can use simple masking tape, but it would be better if you use specialty tape that you can buy from a hardware store. Sometimes, the regular masking tapes tear off the paint from the walls and, at times, give rise to scuff marks on the floor too. Apply the tape on the space neatly where the baseboard and the wall meet. You can also put a plastic sheet on your job area and tape it well. This way, you can shield your floor.

Use ideal tools

Most people find the job of painting their skirting board to be a messy one, but they can always make their job easier when they prepare well and arm themselves with the ideal tools. It does not matter whether you have a large skirting board or not. You can always stand back and appreciate your work if you do it properly.