What A Right Drapery Curtain Fabric Can Do For You?

Drapery curtains are the most tried-and-true window coverings that can add a touch of elegance to any place. However, choosing the fabric that is accurate in all aspects is very important. Patterns and colors are not the only features you have to consider for your drapery curtains. The type of fabric you choose can greatly impact the overall interior of your home. Let’s move on to the ride we’re trying to take you on to let you know what the right fabric for curtain drapery can do for you. So, let’s get started.

Benefits Of Using The Best Drapery Curtain Fabric

  • Prevent Wear And Tear

Durability is always our major concern. The stronger the fabric of your drapery curtain is, the more it can hold up wear and tear. For example, silk curtains are not resistant to color fading and sun damage. No matter how much you care about your silk drapery curtains, they won’t last for longer. 100% linen or linen blended with rayon is the top fabric choice for your window treatments. Linen is highly resistant to wrinkly and won’t get fade soon.

  • Offer a Strong Control Over Light

Fabrics that are heavier in weight can strongly control the amount of light entering inside. Though velvet and Chenille are heavy-weight fabrics, they don’t give good drapes. Switching to light-to-medium fabrics for drapery curtains could be a better solution as they can effectively control the light as well as maintain their billowy flow. Linen is a good choice but it can’t completely block the sunlight. You may have to line a drapery panel to your curtains to achieve the level of opaqueness you want and this is what we name drapery curtains.

  • Stand The Test Of Time

After investing in drapery curtains, you expect your window coverings to last as long as they can. For this, purchasing from a reputable company is very important. Only high-quality fabrics can stand the test of time. Here, we are not just talking about durability. Timelessness means, instead of getting faded earlier, your drapery curtains will slowly lose their appearance.

  • Hang Well

The design effect of your drapery curtains depends on the way they hang. Lighter fabrics cannot hold their shapes well. Heavier fabrics, on the contrary, can create your room look unfinished and messy by creating an uneven folding. Of course, accurate measurement plays a major role here. But, after that, the flow of your drapery curtains depends only on the fabric.

Cotton is one of the best fabric options for your drapery curtains as it can give a soft flare to your windows. You can also opt for any other durable and affordable synthetic fabric. The only way to achieve a natural look is to go for a linen or linen blend. This fabric creates a perfect balance of tailored and billowy, making it ideal for both contemporary and traditional drapery curtains.

So, this is how the right drapery curtain fabric can benefit you. Hope this guide was enough informative for you in choosing the right fabric for your window coverings.