What are the Benefits of Stand-up Desks in Offices?

Sitting too much can cause major problems in our life. We already spend quite a lot of time sitting at our houses and if we sit for the complete day at our offices too, it is going to be dangerous for our health. There are multiple consequences for sitting too much and hence experts are now trying to mix it with stand-up postures. 

Hence, stand-up desks are finding their ways into the office spaces and there are many benefits of the same.

It can boost your productivity

Multiple studies have proved that standing in between working can boost employee productivity. It improves engagement for the people who have switched to stand-up desks and have left behind their sedentary work life. They also reportedly had lesser musculoskeletal problems. But too much standing is also not the solution. The working period must have a perfect balance of sitting and standing in order to achieve this.

Lower the risks of weight gain and obesity

Weight gain is a massive side effect of sitting and working. It happens more because you have more calorie intake all while not burning them at all during the day. Gaining weight is easier if there is no body movement during the office time. To combat this, standing is the perfect solution. If an employee stands for three hours a day for over a course of a year, they can burn up to 30,000 extra calories. This quantity equates to about eight pounds of fat and can be complemented with running for about ten marathons.

Reduces back pain

Back pain is a very common complaint among employees who sit in their chairs for the entire day. Humans are not meant for sitting for prolonged periods and it impacts those who have desk jobs. To get out of this problem, you can mix intermittent standing bouts along with sitting to reduce the risky back pains. About 54% of the employees have reported to reduce upper back and neck pain when they decreased their sitting time.

Tone muscles and improve posture

We will use more muscles to stand as compared to sitting. If we stand intermittently during the day, we can strengthen our leg, ankle, core and foot muscles. Above all, your posture will be improved too.

Now get rid of all your physical problems by installing the ErgoPlus stand up desks in your offices today.