What are the Unique Features of Blue World City?


Blue World City is Pakistan’s first cutting-edge tourist attraction and residential housing. It is situated next to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) on the CPEC route, 20 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport. This housing project is under the RDA administration.

Blue World City is the most reasonably priced home development in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. So when you invest in this residential scheme, you are investing in something that will pay off for you.

Significant Features of Blue World City

Blue World City, constructed as a wonder of Chinese heritage and architecture employing local and Chinese development experience, is inspired by Chinese architecture. A cutting-edge project recognized for fulfilling the highest requirements of luxury and comfort.

Replica of Blue Mosque Turkey

Muslim architects and planners in Istanbul created the Blue Mosque, a masterpiece of architecture, in 1609. The builders of Blue World City were motivated to build a duplicate of this masterpiece to revive that time’s Islamic and spiritual ideals.

Pakistan’s Largest Theme Park

Establishing Pakistan’s largest water theme park seems to be another noteworthy aspect that distinguishes Blue World City as a desirable place to call home. And including surfing, the park will have a pool specifically made for kids. Along with a waterfall, it will also have water slides. In addition, the society gardens are constructed according to global requirements.

Gated and Secure Community

One of the primary issues with this venture is protection. The community will have a gated community monitored and protected to guarantee the inhabitants’ safety. Moreover, this will be given particular consideration, along with the restriction on unregistered visitors to the city. Also, a barrier wall with society’s cards and recognition software technology would add security to protect the community’s safety.

Subterranean Electricity

Nearly all new residential communities now have an underground electrical system. Nevertheless, this feature’s principal objective is not to uphold the project’s overall elegance. On the contrary, underground electricity will offer extra security to safeguard society from mishaps. The social norms would still be maintained, though.

Education Centers

Given its position and connection to the CPEC route, Blue World City will emerge as the most important business center. However, when it comes to business potential, location is the essential aspect.

Along with business opportunities, society will offer top-notch instruction across all fields.


A system of carpeted roadways connecting every community section is the initial phase of the currently built society. Also, walkways and pathways are developing for walkers and cyclists in addition to carpeted roads. The roadways follow international guidelines to fit the Blue World City motif.


Every community sector will have a Jamia Mosque that is majorly the top priority. Moreover, it is easier for the locals to meet their religious obligations and give their prayers without difficulty or worry. In addition, both residents and visitors will access an internal transit system allowing hassle-free movement inside the community.

Energy-Producing Plant

You won’t experience load shedding while you reside in Blue World City. Moreover, to eliminate load shedding, the society will have its very own electric power plant erected. This essential component will guarantee a prosperous housing society.

Sports Facility

The society offers a multipurpose sports facility. This block’s key focus is supporting recreational activities and ethnic diversity.

Sewage Infrastructure

The society has a suitable sewerage system to be established in it to guarantee a clean and hygienic community. An environmentally appropriate disposal system is certified by the sewerage system.


Blue World City is Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist city that has gained massive popularity among local and international investors and the main reason of this popularity is the feature which the management is offering to their future residents.