Your building reflects your brand

Brand building is an essential part of your business. It demonstrates how the business defines and presents itself. If you already have a logo and strong graphic identity in place don’t forget that vocabulary is important too. A succinct tagline and unique branding vocabulary can make a difference in establishing your brand against your competitors.

Also remember that colours represent different things to customers. In general, the colour Green makes customers think; healthy and environment. Red is bold and youthful. Blue signifies trust and strength. These colours have been reinforced for years by the biggest global brands. To accompany your logo and brand colours, how will you achieve brand building with your commercial property?

A strong colour scheme and aesthetic can be enough to further demonstrate branding, especially if this is consistent across multiple buildings should your business be part of a chain or larger collection of shops/offices. Here are 3 ways to improve your business front.

Window Branding:

Easy to apply to any clean, smooth window surface, professionals can install self-adhesive vinyl graphics to add an interesting look to the front of your building. They’re a good impermanent way to brand the front windows of your commercial property.

Aluminium Louvres:

Add custom made sun louvres in a creative way to your building front. Sun louvre panels, Gates, fences, chimney cowls, screens and balustrades can all be used to truly enhance the look of your building and give it a memorable aesthetic that will stand out amongst the crowd. Made from durable aluminium, Louvretec sun louvres are available in a large range of colours including powdercoat or anodised finish. This means they can be tied into your existing branding and add a sharp, strong and stylish finish, hiding unsightly chimneys, outdoor toilet areas, air conditioning units and provide sunlight control.

Outdoor area:

Does your building have an outdoor front area for customers or staff? Add airfoil sun louvres to offer shade and shelter from the harsh Australian sun. This is perfect for cafes, restaurants and bars that require a stylish way to add some protection from the sun, or companies that are looking to create an outdoor space for their employees to relax mid-shift.

Window branding and any surface-level improvements can be fun additions, but for functionality and longevity, you can’t look past custom brand-coloured sun louvres.