Your Kitchen Does Not Have to be Expensive to Look Expensive: Try These Methods

The kitchen can be the most expensive space in your home to remodel. From the décor to appliances, countertops, cabinets, and lighting, each detail requires attention. However, you revamp the look of your kitchen by switching up some small details.  RêveCuisine Rénovation de Cuisine professionals can help you make this happen. Here are some suggestions you can consider:

Add Small Hints of Marble

Marble in the kitchen demonstrates sophistication and expensiveness. But you do not have to go all the way with marble. Rather than replacing your countertops with marble, consider adding just small hints of the material to your space. By using a pre-cut piece of marble, you can make a small baking area in the room. Also, consider using marble tiles for creating an attractive backsplash or transforming a portion of your flooring.

Experiment with Lighting

Low-hanging fixtures can provide your kitchen with the illusion of a higher ceiling, especially when placed above your kitchen island and dining area. Also, you can consider globe fixtures to elevate most of your kitchen décor without spending a lot of money. Adding a dimmer is an affordable way to make your space look expensive. In addition, you can add dimming lights at dinner time to make the atmosphere look luxurious. 

Play with Colours

A fresh coat of paint can transform your kitchen space entirely. Colours like beiges and creams can make it look chic and expensive. If you have a modern kitchen, consider using dark colours like greys and blacks, so it looks lavish and extravagant. If you want your space to look bigger, give it a new coat of white paint. But if you do not want to repaint the entire space, you can paint your kitchen cabinets instead. 

Add Highlights

Adding a highlight piece in your kitchen can give it something for people to easily notice. Also, the piece can make the space well-thought-out. Because your kitchen sink is an important part of your kitchen, you can consider a highlight sink to elevate the room. Although a stone or copper sink is a bit more expensive than an ordinary one, it can make the space look modern and expensive. 

Invest in Stemware

New glasses, bowls, plates, and cups are a good investment in your kitchen’s appearance. Particularly, stemware can always make a positive impression. Display your stemware in an open cabinet, a glass cabinet, or a cabinet that has a glass door to make your kitchen space look inviting and luxurious.