4 Factors to Consider Before Installing Resin Bound Surfacing 

Are you planning to install a resin bound surface on your property? That is a delicate task that requires caution and acute knowledge. Although resin bound is a durable paving option, its tenacity is accessible through correct installation. Any slight error when installing it will rob it of its aesthetics, durability, and practicality too. Before laying the mixture, you need time to prepare and plan for the project. To avoid any surprises during the process, consider the following factors.

Strong Base 

If you intend to lay resin bound patio on an existing surface, checking its strength is vital. A good contractor will examine the sub-base before the installation. They won’t install the mixture on a surface with structural movement. That signifies the base is very weak. The stability of the surface will determine the longevity of the resin bound driveway. It is advisable to seek the advice of professionals on whether to construct a new base or not. Paying for new construction is a viable investment. That is because it will ensure the resin bound surface lasts for over two decades. Its durability will allow you to recoup your investment in it.


Protect the people that will use the resin bound pathways or driveway from falling. That is very common, especially during the rainy season. Driving through a slippery resin bound surface is challenging and risky. Ask the contractor about the available solutions to prevent slipping on the driveway. The professional can add glass grit or clear sand on the mixture to increase its grip. The sand used for this task won’t affect the resin bound’s color. If you need extra traction in some areas after installation, the expert can sprinkle fine glass grit on it. These options offer a perfect anti-slip solution.


Do not hire any contractor blindly for this work and expect to get quality services. Unfortunately, some lack the discipline or ethics to deliver quality services. To avoid the inconveniences of hiring such service providers ensure you sign a contract. The contract terms should impose on your preferred contractor to use high-quality products and an accurate resin bound patio installation method. When the professional signs against this document, he cannot break the terms. This service contract is a legally binding document, enforceable by the court. So, it will offer you safety from poor services.

Laying Conditions 

Unlike most construction projects, installing resin bound pathways cannot be undertaken in any condition. The weather, humidity, and temperature must be right for the project to commence. Ineffectiveness in following these factors strictly is the reason why DIY installs fail terribly. Only an expert with extensive experience can follow every requirement in determining the perfect time to execute the project. The first thing you need to do is follow the weather app to know the day’s forecast. This work cannot go on in the rainy seasons. That is because water will damage the resin. To measure humidity and temperature, you must have a hygrometer and thermometer. To lessen the difficulty of the installation, seek professional service.