Cheapest places to buy property in Coventry

Cheapest places to buy property in Coventry

The city of Coventry is a metropolitan which lies in the west midlands at the very centre of England ranking the 12th most populated city in the UK. It can also be said that it’s second to the city of Birmingham which has a population of about 316,900 according to the population census of 2011. Interesting and charming things are there to know about this great city of Coventry. Historically, Coventry is the first twin city known, after it twinned with Russia during World War II, and thereafter it twinned with Dresden, Lidice, and many other cities all over the world. Its contribution to the motor production of the Britons is immense.

Considering living in Coventry shouldn’t be unsatisfying because the city has a friendly atmosphere, and the housing options there will not blow your budget. It also hosts a nice workplace for prospective workers. Towns in Coventry also offer residents nice and exciting activities. There’s also the provision of well-rated universities and several retail and trading options are also made available therein. Coventry isn’t just thrilling to live in, but property there can be much cheaper to either rent or buy when compared to others.

#1. Bedworth Road CV6 (Average property price is £ 135,047)

Bedworth is a market town found in the heart of England. It has a thrilling blend of serenity and modernization. Bedworth is known popularly for its history of hat making and ribbon weaving. In ancient times, inhabitants of Bedworth were coal miners. Bedworth is a centre rich and prospering for manufacturing and engineering.

#2. . Cannon Park  Centre, CV4 (Average property price is £276,236)

This town for a quick property sale is among the choicest places to live in Coventry. Being a town that harbours all and sundry, a lot of its amazing features is down to the fact that it has aesthetic views. Housing in Cannon park is vast and interested individuals have a  broad range of options to choose from. Cannon Park is known to have the most prosperous economy out of all the districts in the city.

#3. Nuneaton Road, CV12 (Average property price £290,479)

Nuneaton town represents the town with densest population, having a total population of about 83000. Incredibly, the town supports life in several ways. Nuneaton town has a huge mix of retail businesses comprising both in-town brands and national brands. Nuneaton is also a home for museums and galleries where you can find an array of art collections and other exhibitions and events.

#4. Alcester Road, CV37 (Average property price is £296,509)

According to Quick Property Buyer, Alcester is a nice place to love and cherish to earn a living. It’s home to a lovely and welcoming environment. Over the years, the streets have been smartened up and you now have exciting shops where you can drink nice coffee. If you’re the type that likes enjoying your nighttime, lovely and funfilled pubs are all out there for you.

#5. Earlsdon Avenue, CV5 (Average property price is £251,303)

Earlsdon is every buyer’s choice when it comes to the perfect option for housing and settlement. It’s a residential district that lies one mile to the southwestern party of the city center of Coventry. You’ll find an endless list of recreational centers there in Earlsdon. Other significant places like golf and tennis clubs are also available to explore.