Daiwa Hubble Luxury Massage Chair: Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Black Friday and Thanksgiving are both just around the corner. Many people will agree with the statement that 2022 has been a difficult year so far. This is especially true when it comes to the socio-economic and physical aspects of the COVID-19 epidemic. Globally, the infection rate has risen to 55 million with more than 1.32 million deaths. The USA holds the title of having the highest number of infections and deaths in a single country with 11.2 million cases and 251 271 deaths.

It is, therefore, reasonable to conclude that purchasing a luxurious massage chair from the Daiwa Hubble massage chairs range is a great idea.


To avoid delays caused by COVID-19, it is important to order your massage chair before the holidays. There is nothing worse than waiting until the holiday season for your shipment to arrive.

Let’s answer this question and look at the mental and physical health benefits of purchasing a Daiwa Hubble Massage Chair.

1. Massage for therapeutic compression

A therapeutic massage is different from a deep tissue massage. It’s designed to relieve stress and pain by manipulating the muscles and soft tissue in the body. This massage borrows from deep tissue massage, sports massage, and Swedish massage.

A deep tissue massage, also known as a Juxtapositional, is great for breaking down scar tissue and improving blood circulation.

Therapeutic massage can be used to relieve tension and pain caused by tight muscles from the COVID-19 stress.

The Hubble massage chair features 48 powerful airbags that inflate or deflate during the massage. They are located at the shoulders and arms as well as the hips, and calves. The Hubble massage chair also features nine programs that use kneading and knocking, sync tapping, Shiatzu, rhythm massage techniques, and tapping.

Another great massage chair to checkout from Daiwa is the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero.

These nine programs all include massages like the,

  • The Royal Treatment: Medium intensity massage that relieves tension and soreness.
  • Stress massage: A gentle massage that promotes calmness and relaxation.
  • Refresh massage is a combination of deep and therapeutic massage techniques. It focuses on the back, hip joints, and thighs.

2. Reflexology

Reflexology, a type of massage that uses different pressures to the feet, hands, and ears, is a special type. The theory behind reflexology is that the feet, hands, and ears are linked to certain parts of the body as well as internal organs. Reflexology, a Chinese medical system that focuses on the flow of vital energy through the body, is based upon Chinese medicine. If one or more of these streams is interrupted, it can cause an imbalance which can lead to poor health. Reflexology’s primary goal is to maintain balance and health by allowing these energy streams to flow freely throughout the body.

Daiwa Hubble’s massage chair features foot rollers that activate nerve endings in your feet to increase circulation, reduce tension, and revive vitality. Each chair comes with three-foot rollers, each one targeting a different area. Another chair from Daiwa with this feature is the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair.

3. Zero-gravity

Hubble’s zero-gravity recline angle distributes your body weight evenly across the chair. This reduces pressure on the joints. This allows the spine to relax, particularly those connected to the ribcage. It also opens the ribcage up, improving the body’s ability to breathe deeply and increasing oxygen intake.

How do you explain?

The zero-gravity position, which is succinctly stated, allows the body to achieve a weightless environment and reduces stress on the joints and muscles.

This position improves your heart health as it raises the knees high above the heart. It also reduces the pressure on the heart and increases blood flow to and from it. Noting that unaligned sleeping positions can put extra pressure on the heart, it is worth noting. This is why lying in zero gravity reverses some of these bad sleeping positions.

The zero-gravity position can also reduce swelling in those with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other medical conditions. This position reduces swelling in the lower body, improves blood circulation, and especially helps with foot swelling.

Another chair with this kind of feature is the Daiwa Pegasus massage chair.