How to Furnish Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is the room where you spend most of your time. A comfortable bedroom after a long tiring day is a blessing. It is important that you keep your bedroom clean, hygienic, and less cluttered. It shouldn’t have too much furniture that causes a claustrophobic environment and it shouldn’t be too empty that you do not find the required things when you need them. Here are some tips for arranging furniture in your bedroom.

Placing the bed

A traditional way of placing your king or queen-sized bed against the wall emphasizes the headboard and makes it the center of attention. As soon as you enter the room your eyes catch the glimpse of the setting.

If you have more space then you can place the bed diagonally to give it an innovative twist. Make sure that you do not place the bed under the window. A window is where there are a lot of drafts and creates an uncomfortable ambiance when you try to sit and relax. However, if you rarely open the windows and keep your home air-conditioned and centrally heated most of the days in the year then it may be a good idea to place the bed under the window.

While furnishing many homeowners do not take into account that furniture like beds can obstruct the walkway. This should be taken into consideration before placing the bed. Furniture arrangement should also be done by keeping in view the measurements of the room.  For example, if a closet takes up too much space in the room then consider having a walk-in closet instead.

Master bedroom

Your master bedroom may not be very huge and it doesn’t have to be if you are strategic with placing your furniture. Make sure you keep your bedroom decluttered and you have utilized the space smartly. Removing any existing clutter will ensure that your room looks bigger. Sort out which furniture you actually have in use, which can be removed, and which is only there for décor purposes. Then remove the ones which occupy unnecessary space.

A four-poster bed gives the illusion of a small room so make sure you do not have a footboard. A lighter color palette for your room will also ensure that you have the illusion of a bigger and brighter room. Similarly, strategic placement of windows, doors, and balconies helps too. Many people remove bedside tables. However, they do not seem to be a practical change in the long run. They are helpful for people who like to read before going to bed or have a hot cup of milk before bedtime.

Teen Bedrooms

Teenagers are very picky about the furnishing of their rooms. So, they know well what they want. They know how much space they will require for their books, music, and other collections. They also have ideas for the kind of color scheme they would like in their room.

So, instead of deciding it yourself let them decide for their room. However, guide them if they choose a neon color let them choose it as an accent, or the room may look dark and dingy. Furnishing should be more practical than aesthetic.

Kids Bedroom

Infants do not have any preference when it comes to their rooms. However, you have to take care that their bedroom is designed in a way that it keeps them safe and secure. Make sure the cribs are away from the windows and doors. Carefully inspect if the crib meets the safety standards. There should be no rods or spindles, or nails that may hurt your infant. If you have a toddler who is learning to walk make sure that he does not tip over a piece of furniture like cabinets. The sharp edges should have covers so they do not hurt the toddler if they fall. Use sandpaper to sand the edges. The floor should be ensured that it is skid-proof. Similarly, dangling cords are extremely dangerous to make sure they are properly fastened. If you have bunk beds make sure there are handrails and safety ladders.

Final Thoughts

Interior designing is no doubt a challenging job. These are best done by interior designers. However, if you want to save up some money you can do it yourself. It only needs a strategic plan. You have to ensure that practicality and aesthetics both go together. Sometimes it is necessary to prioritize things like cabinets and other storage spaces. If you do not do this you will always be running around with basic things because you can’t store them in your room. Make sure you do not save money on things that are essential for home security for example always get the best home smoke detectors for your home even if you have to compromise on the aesthetics a little.